Camper, Carnaby St


Ugly shoe icon, Camper, has some hidden gems which you should most definitely take a look at for the winter wardrobe. (Even though it feels more like spring time and I have low-key been wishing for snow on the daily so I have more of an excuse to whip out my new coats.) But it’s also the time for some serious bargains – the end of year sales can pretty much make you talk yourself into buying anything.

The Majorcan brand was founded by Lorenzo Fluxà Rosselló in 1975 and has been dedicated to combining both comfort and style into their footwear. Factoring in new bio-mechanics only really used in high level sportswear to achieve ultra-comfy pieces. Whilst some of their designs can be a little hit and miss in regards to style, there are a good handful of bulky classics which are a fun alternative to brands like Dr Martens.


From left to right: Mil £80, Vintar £80, Mil £85




Over The Knee Boots





In the past, tall boots have never been my thing. I felt that they looked out-dated, frumpy and that people only really wore them when they dressing up as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman (who, for those of you haven’t seen it, played a prostitute). But now I just can’t get enough! Worn with dark jeans and an oversized winter knitwear these look gorgeous. Or paired with a boyfriend denim shirt looks effortlessly cool. As done by Kylie Jenner, who I have to say is dressing impeccably these days. From top to bottom: ASOS £55,  Acnee Studios £855, Topshop £89, Aldo £120.