A place with only 3 things on the menu makes an effortlessly cool eating experience. I find that half the hassle when going out to eat at popular places is that everything on the menu just sounds so delicious it’s impossible to choose. So Burger & Lobster was instantly refreshing.

For those who haven’t yet visited this funky restaurant with a buzzing environment, here is a run through of what’s up for grabs. No appetisers. 3 mains. All £20. Main 1: A whole lobster served with chips, salad and garlic butter – which can be either grilled or steamed. Main 2: Lobster Brioche Roll – also served with salad and chips – shredded lobster with a Japanese Mayo if I recall rightly. Main 3: 10 Oz Beef Burger with bacon and cheese – also served with chips & salad. You get the idea.

Now for me, anyone who goes here to get a burger is just simply wrong. If you wanted to go out to eat a burger – go to Byron, Gourmet Burger or one of my personal favourites, Red Dog Saloon. That’s their specialty, so go splash out on a burger there. Not doubting that Burger & Lobster serve up a good burger but you know it just doesn’t feel right. I assume they just threw that option on the menu for those of you with THAT friend in your circle who doesn’t eat seafood – or has strong feelings about Lobsters being boiled alive.

The restaurant itself has a great ambience and suprisingly laid back for a place who’s main dish is lobster, which usually presents a more sophisticated atmosphere. It’s interior heavily influenced from American culture with some booths and lots of deep reds and browns. Attracting a mixed crowd but I’d say a majority of customers age ranges mid to late twenties. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this place as a first date seeing as the volume gets pretty high which could be fairly awkward whilst trying to develop an opinion on this stranger sitting opposite you. Also Lobster is the most ungraceful thing to eat – challenging spaghetti.

The food is delicious, I chose the Steamed Lobster – as I’m absolute seafood lover who couldn’t even risk the smoky aftertaste of the grilled option. Portion size was fantastic and the staff are really helpful in informing you of the easiest ways to get to the good stuff. Whilst the pincers are already cracked for your ease you can request pliers. The chips are skinny and light so extremely moreish – and the salad (mixed leaf with red onion and light portion of parmesan cheese) really complements the lobster.

Whilst our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful, it felt difficult at times to get their attention  and service when needed, it’s disappointing when the hospitality diminishes once you’ve ordered and been served your food. But in terms of time, it’s a speedy a process, we’d sat down, got our drinks and food within 15 minutes – which only adds to the restaurant’s very present ‘in-n-out’ vibe, as all tables are yours for the set time of 2 hours. Which is reasonable as they only take a small number of bookings – so there is usually a queue out the door.

Burger & Lobster a fast and fun dining experience which does not disappoint. I suggest you head down  with your (sea)foodie friends – restaurants based in Mayfair, Soho, Farringdon, City, Fitzrovia and Knightsbridge.  www.burgerandlobster.com





As I mentioned in my post about Burger & Lobster, to get a good burger, go to a specialist burger restaurant. Whilst I was out to meet a few close friends from Uni, in a town far, far away (Uxbridge – Zone 6), I did not expect to find this little treasure.

I love restaurants which present an alternative dining experience and Red Iron Burger really delivers with it’s hybrid, fast food set up. Stepping in the front door was like stepping into your regular chippy down the road – but this isn’t a menu to take away. The dining area is towards the back, not a huge space but big enough to fulfil a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Table ready with mustard, tomato ketchup (Heinz of course) and a box of napkins. The menu is clear and presents a range of options – covering beef, chicken, veggie and lamb burgers…& salads. But I’d question your diet if you’re turning up to this kind of restaurant for a salad – don’t kid yourself.

They also do those awesome milkshakes which cost about a fiver but taste like paradise – I recommend the Oreo flavour. If you turn to the back of the menu, they also do the Man VS Food challenges, which I tried to force my friends into unsuccessfully. Choices are – The End of the World Burger (30oz Beef Patty, 4 cheeses, bacon, chips & onion rings), The 40oz Steak (Served with Chips) or The Super Spicy Hot Wings with choice of flavours. One of the main reasons my friends wouldn’t try the challenge as the benefits were not good enough – simply getting your picture on the wall of fame and ‘Bragging Rights’ does not suffice. Maybe making it a free meal might give it more appeal guys.

The burger in my picture was my partner’s. He’s such a pig. Having the Red Iron Burger Classic was not enough, he asked for a lamb patty on top of that. To his dismay the Lamb was a disappointment, too tough and salty. Whilst the beef patty was cooked to perfection – real melt in your mouth experience  – how burgers should be!

Here there is no cutlery, no plates, no alcohol. Just your hands, a red tray and an overpriced soft drink of your choice. But I’ve gotta say, the portions are massive, none of us could finish our meal, but we left satisfied. I’d have no hesitation in going back here, but only when I’m feeling really, really hungry – and maybe when I feel I’ve had a good healthy week and can balance my self out with a meal which is probably leading me down a dark route to cardiac arrest.