christmas festival

The Laughing Stock, Southbank

Where has this year gone people?! It literally feels like I just stumbled out of a club on New Year’s Day, arm in arm with my best friends and deliberating my resolutions for the year. Now Christmas is around the corner and I’m even more torn than usual between wanting to buy everything and anything and having zero pennies. But this time it’s for other people rather than myself.

But it is also the season for hot and heartwarming cocktails, the dream that is mulled wine, cranberry ‘pon everything, Christmas markets. Better yet because its London – Christmas street food markets. The usual Londoner’s irate attitude towards life is set aside and you almost don’t mind the freezing cold. So I was freakin’ delighted to be invited down to Southbank’s own mini winter wonderland to try The Laughing Stock’s Swedish Café.

This great little pop up has one of the most adorable start up stories I’ve ever heard, which you are just yearning for this season. The owners Amy and Jack met whilst they were living in Switzerland, hit it off and set off backpacking across the world together. In the midst of their engagement the idea of their own food truck was born, and a few years later so was their first child. So what began as a mere idea has now become a hugely successful food truck and caterer which has had a life span of 6 years and now has a staff force of 104 people. They’ve set up shop in both London and Edinburgh and catered for both Glastonbury VIP and Fringe Festival.


So what’s up for grabs? It’s a pretty versatile menu, Hot Dogs are most popular with the kids and have the option of adding toppings which include mash, beetroot salad, Swedish cheese, prawn mayo and more. Next up, self-proclaimed most popular dish are the Meatballs – served with mashed potatoes, gravy, pickles and lingonberry. Burgers range from £7.50 to £8.50 and you’ve got the option of Stocks Burger (beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion), the Stocks Venison Burger (with venison and caramelised onions) and the Nordic Burger which was recommended to me by the lovely manager, Kim.

The Nordic Burger was piled high with beetroot salad, cheese, bacon and pickles. Thrown alongside that were rosemary chips and a draft beer from the Rekorderlig hut opposite. Aestheitcaly, this stacked burger is so cute – small and tidy with each ingredient and topping perfectly poised and photo worthy. I am a huge fan of beetroot, and not only did the flavour suffice but it also kept the burger super moist. Which made up for the slightly overdone (in my opinion) beef patty. The bun was as it should be, brioche and the chips ridiculously addictive – lightly spiced and the perfect combo of crispy and salty.

All in all this was a good hearty meal, value and flavour for money and along with that you’re slap bang in the middle of a cheery Christmas vibe. And not to mention right in front of the London Eye. The place is full of adorable wooden huts filled with potential gifts for your loved and not so loved ones. I’d be keen to head back down there and try the meatballs which looked delish whilst they were speeding those appetisers out to a private party upstairs. Fun for both families and you cool young things, but because of location expect long lines and crowding!