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Camper, Carnaby St


Ugly shoe icon, Camper, has some hidden gems which you should most definitely take a look at for the winter wardrobe. (Even though it feels more like spring time and I have low-key been wishing for snow on the daily so I have more of an excuse to whip out my new coats.) But it’s also the time for some serious bargains – the end of year sales can pretty much make you talk yourself into buying anything.

The Majorcan brand was founded by Lorenzo Fluxà Rosselló in 1975 and has been dedicated to combining both comfort and style into their footwear. Factoring in new bio-mechanics only really used in high level sportswear to achieve ultra-comfy pieces. Whilst some of their designs can be a little hit and miss in regards to style, there are a good handful of bulky classics which are a fun alternative to brands like Dr Martens.


From left to right: Mil £80, Vintar £80, Mil £85





Jonathan Saunders

JS 2 Jonathan Saunders JS 3
Johnathan Saunders attended the Glasgow School of Art and Central Saint Martins where he graduated with an MA in Printed Textiles in 2002 that won him the Lancome Colour Award. In 2006 he was awarded the Fashion Enterprise Award at the British Fashion Awards. He has worked previously with Alexander McQueen, Christian Lacroix at Pucci and Pheobe Philo at Chloe.
This collection just screams summer, am I right? I love these looks. Saunder’s designs range from light and sexy summer dresses to strong structured outerwear, but all with the most delectable colours and heavy island print. I personally adore tropical colours the oranges and yellows trump pinks and reds anyday and this pallette just has me wanting to book my next trip to the land of sea and sand. Also, I have a lot of time for the diversity in this show – still a key issue in the industry today.

Topshop Unique


Everybody’s favourite store. Launched in 2001, and now in its twenty-third season, Unique showcases Topshop’s own design talents on the international stage.
If I’m honest, I’m not always a fan of Topshop’s shows at LFW. I feel the pieces lack some consistency and too much variation struggles to keep brand on point. The images I’ve selected above do not represent what the majority of the collection looked like. There were actually a lot of light, 70’s boho dresses and polkadots. But, Topshop appeals to the masses and stays on trend, so it stays in the highlights. As I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect blazer, I found these looks quite inspiring – the mix in fabrics adds new persona to a garment usually pinned to the office.

Temperley London


It’s the 15th year of business for Temperley London, with its founder, namesake and Creative Director Alice Temperley, MBE heading up the independent British luxury brand. British fashion. The world of Temperley houses two lines; Temperley London and Temperley Bridal and holds one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British fashion. Described as a feminine, effortless and timeless designer collection which stays true to its British Heritage.

Temperley London’s SS16 collections holds some truly beautiful pieces. The eveningwear is old school Hollywood and hands down stunning. The combination of sheer fabrics, print and textures is unexpected but each piece just as creative and pioneering as the last. Temperley, for me, has taken prints such as what I’d expect to find on my mum’s favourite China and turned it into an ethereal masterpiece. And doesn’t the dress on the right look like it belongs to Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Elvira Hancock, in movie Scarface? Both Pfeiffer and her wardrobe were unreal in that film – if you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you’re not good with gore, google her character for a more PG and brief overview.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith has grown from its origins in one small shop in Nottingham, England, in 1970, into a global business, selling to five continents. Starting with one men’s collection, the business has grown to 12 collections for men and women and children, including, shoes,accessories, fragrance, home furnishings and jeans.
The tailored cuts, colour blocking and fluid silhouettes. Everything is just on point. Capsuling effortlessly cool and modernity in one swift swoop. Thank you Paul Smith. And I’ll take those shoes in all three colours, thanks.

Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland was founded in 1815 at the birthplace of the Scottish knitwear industry.
Simple and oversized, white, beige and gold and meshed fabrics. Again hitting the nail on the head and inspires some fun new ways to wear knitwear as outerwear.



We all know and love Burberry, being British, we have to right? Christopher Bailey joined as Design Director in May 2001 and from the outset his creative vision was applied to all aspects of the brand. Prior to his appointment at Burberry, Christopher was the Senior Designer of Womenswear at Gucci in Milan from 1996 to 2001. From 1994 to 1996 he was the Womenswear Designer at Donna Karan.

We all love a little Goth, don’t we? These looks, pictured above, spoke to me the most. In London there is very much this attitude that all black everything is the way forward. And I very much agree. The lace and puffed sleeves were done right in this collection and I’m happy to see caged heels could be making a comeback.

Christopher Kane


While completing his MA in fashion design at Central Saint Martins College, Christopher Kane realised his defining ambition was to start his own label in partnership with his elder sister, Tammy Kane. Christopher Kane, the label, started in 2006. It was begun almost immediately after Kane’s graduation, capitalising on the success of his award winning MA collection that had gathered much media attention.
Honestly, of all the shows and presentations I’ve seen at LFW SS16, this one had me at hel-fucking-lo. I struggled to settle on three looks to pop in the top spot. The sporty polo crop top, the boyfriend fit jumpsuit, the backpack, the contrast of champagne and mint green – this is the collection of my dreams. The colours are so rich and designs strikingly current without the distaste of trying too hard. Exquisite.



jm 3 julien macdonald 1 julien macdonald 2

Julien Macdonald OBE first studied fashion knitwear at the University of Brighton and received his MA at Royal College of Art, London. His talent caught the attention of the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and was appointed head designer of knitwear for Chanel, as well as for the eponymous label Lagerfeld, from 1996 to 1998. His unique gowns have been worn by the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Joan Smalls and Kristen Stewart.

This collection boasts bewitchingly intricate detail and a dramatic aura us lesser mortals could only dream of. Not really items that the everyday girl is going to possess, but deserves a spot in the highlights because of the sheer beauty of these pieces.


sibing 2 sibling 1 244723

SIBLING is a collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. Collectively as SIBLING they have worked with: Smiley, Swarovski, Barbie, Fashionary, G shock, Cassette Playa, Lulu & Co, Oxbow, Tween, Fred Perry, Topman and PUMA.

The more I look at this collection the more I love it. The eclectic mix of fabrics and next to nakedness of the models converts these fun designs to racy and eye-catching looks with a 90’s vibe. Aside from the clothes, the hair and make up on these models was spot on and I am LOVING the sporty socks and classic heels combo.


1205 1205 3 1205 1

Paula Gerbase, my Queen. She studied womenswear at Central Saint Martins, then trained in the womenswear atelier, Hardy Amies, followed by 5 years as Head Designer for Savile Row tailor, Kilgour.
I’ve expressed how I feel about clean cut, nude palettes and androgynous fashion and this is just perfection. The tailoring and asymmetric hem lines are simplistic, yet exude power and portray a strong female presence. Also, the pairing with the white trainers – my favourite look of this season.


simone rocha 2 simone rocha 3 simone rocha

Simone Rocha graduated with a BA in Fashion from The National College of Art and Design in Dublin in 2008 continuing in 2010 to graduate from the acclaimed Fashion MA at Central Saint Martin’s College, London. Simone debuted at London Fashion Week in September 2010. Her collections have gained her some of the most prestigious stockists in the world including Dover Street Market, Browns, Colette in Paris and Bergdorf Goodman.

Now, whilst dusky pinks and more feminine designs are not really my style, I felt it necessary to include a couple of her pieces in my highlights. There was some speculation over the ‘rope’ detail crossed over some of her designs and I felt her frilly dresses were a little too house on the prairie for me. But I loved the utility take on a few of her designs, which set the collection aside from other shows and presentations to date and added an edge to an otherwise ethereal show.


Graduate from the London College of Printing with a BA Journalism, Henry Holland, has stated that he designs with a London girl aesthetic in mind, and taking into account the multicultural diversity of the city, is continually inspired by the variety of attitudes, cultures and mind-sets that exist throughout the capital.

This collection demands the attention and oozes effortlessly cool – Henry hits the nail on the head with encompassing the globally recognised, London style. The bold contrast in patterns and loud colours screams confidence and the sporty details bring a modern twist on definitive cultural print.


London Fashion Week is upon us once again. But this time it has a brand new look, and I’m not talking about the new collections but the new location. The British Fashion Council have moved the event to Brewer Street Car Park in Soho rather than Somerset House – LFW’s humble abode for the last five years. BFC’s CEO Caroline Rush explains that, “It ticks all the boxes of being walking distance to many of the magazines and department store head offices; it’s really connected to Oxford Street and the high-street stores that the UK is so well known for; and it’s not far from Mount Street, where we have all the stars of fashion week starting to open their stores”.

Passing by Soho yesterday there was definitely a new vibe in the area. A place that is usually buzzing with tourists was silent and serious. You could literally feel the suspense in the air around LFW’s new venue. A flurry of photographers and handful of incredibly well dressed individuals propped against the street corners of central Soho, generating a mild murmur in anticipation of the day ahead.

Unfortunately, I was only passing through on a shopping trip – treating myself, as per. So I’ve only been watching from the outside – which thanks to digital media – doesn’t really feel like the outside anymore.

Here’s my favourites from Friday 18th September:


j.js lee j.js.lee j.js lee 2

Jackie Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and spent five years working as a Senior Pattern Cutter in Seoul and two years at KISA London as Master Pattern Cutter. In March 2010, she launched her label, J. JS LEE. For her first collection after college, she received NEWGEN sponsorship for SS11 in the exhibition space alongside many established London labels.

Stripes are timeless and these pieces are flawless. I’ve always turned to this pattern for a more dressed down look but J J.S Lee has demonstrated a light and effortless elegance in her collection.


bora aksu 2 bora aksu 1

London based Turkish designer Bora Aksu graduated from Central St Martin’s MA in 2002. Aksu was hailed as ‘the star of the show’ by The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent, and also attracted the eye of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna who purchased pieces to use as inspiration.

These two dresses alone exemplify why Bora Aksu held such high recognition amongst national papers and other designs. The detail and structure of these pieces are to die for and exude strength and power.

Eudon Choi

eudon choi eudon choi 1 eudon choi 3

Before moving to London to attend the Royal College of Arts, Eudon Choi was trained as a menswear designer in Seoul, Korea where he acquired an in-depth knowledge of tailoring techniques and a great eye for detail. Eudon worked as a womenswear designer for a few years before setting up his eponymous label in 2009
Simplicity is key. I’m not really into busy patterns and much prefer soft palettes and loose silhouettes – unless I’m going to a big event, then a loud colour is more than acceptable. These ensembles pictured above are city chic, office ready and a bit of me. I wish these items were in my wardrobe, right now, please and thank you.


fyodor golan3 fyodor golan fyodor golan 2

Fyodor Podgorny & Golan Frydman come from a fine arts background. Their SS16 collection is bold and beautiful, experimenting with geometrical silhouettes and sportswear aesthetics creating striking modern womenswear.

I love this collection, it’s so playful and unapologetic. The collaboration of fabrics, loud prints and manipulated 3D structures brings the clothes to life and epitomises the crossover from adolescence to adulthood. Described perfectly in the LFW website’s bio as ‘seductive, fragile and fearless’.

Topshop Therapy Sessions



So, it would seem that I somehow managed to jinx myself in my last post – I wrote about breakups and that’s exactly what’s happened. Now as the natural order goes, I will be doing some serious retail therapy and thankfully I have two wonderful excuses to do so (aside from the aforementioned event). After a year of working in recruitment for communications and pining after the jobs I was recruiting for, I’ve landed myself a place in a globally renowned PR firm – which I am insanely excited for. Secondly, I’m off to Berlin for a weekend break with my friend Aysha, it’s our first time there and we’re busy planning the sights we want to see and doing some serious speculation on how we’ll get through the infamous doors of the Berghain.

Now as the new season is creeping in, the temperature is on the rise which kind of leaves us in the in horrific stages of ‘coat on too hot’ ‘coat off too cold’. Although, after researching Berlin’s weather forecast, it looks like London is hotter so some jumpers won’t be going to waste on this trip. Now, over the past few months I’ve been trying to organise my wardrobe and buy items wisely, sticking to a similar colour palette so I can throw things together easily. This has been working so well for work, when all my washing is done and placed in my wardrobe and not the floor, it takes me two seconds to throw together an outfit that works. I mainly stick to black/navy and white/beige, but there are some blue and mustard yellow splashes in there too. Here’s whats on my to buy list this weekend, all from Topshop as I feel I’ve been neglecting an old time favourite for too long – and Topshop always feels like a treat doesn’t it.


36D09HNAV_large24H05HBLK_large 30E02HKHA_large


So as you can probably see, I’ve tried to mix it up with some of the new season trends which have come in such as the Shirt Dress, Stripy Crop Top and Utility Detailed Skirt, the rest are just simple basics to make it easy to wear for the everyday.

SS15 Trends


New York Fashion week is currently at the forefront of every Google search and magazine headline right now and I’m writhing with jealously, as of late, in admiration of the collections and A-List appearances. It’s seen some firsts, such as Jamie Brewer’s participation in Carrie Hammer’s ‘Role Models not Runway Models’ campaign, making her the first lady with Down Syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week. Which is an incredible step forward for the fashion world. In other news, Kanye West’s show with Adidas saw the most star studded front row so far with Alexander Wang, Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour. Impressive.

But, the clothes. What are the trends which are making the most noise on the runway for SS15?

The 70’s.

The 70’s are back people. It’s a style I have shyed away from as I think my afro hairstyle just takes the trend to a new level, you want it to look chic and not like a flashback from Saturday Night Fever. The runway has seen many a flared and fluted trouser for this years Spring Collection, in particular from Karen Walker, Diane von Furstenburg and Coach.

00150h_426x639 00210h_426x639 00330h_426x639

 Karen Walker SS15

00180h_426x639 00270h_426x639 00310h_426x639

Diane von Furstenburg SS15

Coach_012_2000_426x639 Coach_014_2000_426x639 Coach_021_2000_426x639

Coach SS15

Shirts and Shirt Dresses.

The simplistic white shirt has returned, I am so happy to announce this. Not only does this mean minimalist fashion is in it also means more choice for work attire, which at the moment is proving a struggle. So the shirt is back in all shapes and sizes, to be worn boxy, sleeveless or underneath dresses. I love this arrival, particularly the shirt dresses.

00040h_426x639 00270h_426x639 (1) 00130h_426x639

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS15

00450h_426x639 00160h_426x639 00520h_426x639

Michael Kors SS15 

00120h_426x639 00180h_426x639 (1) 00150h_426x639 (1)

Diane von Furstenburg SS15


Here is a style I was not expecting and one that frankly reminds me of either my primary school uniform or Dolly Parton. Essentially, it has arrived from nowhere but has wowed the industry and you can expect to see it everywhere in SS15 and is incredibly popular across collections right now. Cutouts, harsh lines and colour blocking give it a modern twist on the country girl chic you’re picturing or to add sex appeal there are more sheer fabrics to choose from.

00080h_426x639 00070h_426x639 00090h_426x639

Altuzurra SS15 

00010h_426x639 00060h_426x639 00080h_426x639 (1)

Diane von Furstenburg

00050h_426x639 00040h_426x639 (1) 00020h_426x639

Lela Rose SS15

The Colour Palette.

So the colour palette game this year is strong. It’s all about being bold and making a statement. Monochrome as ever, is a popular colour pairing, one that is loved by just about everyone, particularly me. Aside from the wonders of black and white, designers were indulging in their Reds, Greens, Blues and Yellows for this Spring, in colour blocking and in statement prints. Pair a splash of any of these colours with all white and you’re on point for this Spring.

00330h_426x639 (1) 00200h_426x639_1 00350h_426x639

3.1 Phillip Lim SS15

00270h_426x639 (2) 00220h_426x639 00320h_426x639

Victoria Beckham SS15

 00070h_426x639 (1) 00550h_426x639 00120h_426x639 (1)

Michael Kors SS15


Stripes dominated the runway this year and I’m so happy to see my childhood favourite come flying into 2015, who cares if the horizontal stripes mythologically make you look ‘larger’, this is all I want to be wearing in Spring. Multi-coloured, black and white, vertical, squared, stripes on stripes – anyway you put it, it works.

00170h_426x639 00050h_426x639 (1) 00180h_426x639 (2)

Victoria Beckham SS15

00400h_426x639 00380h_426x639 00020h_426x639 (1)

Alexander Wang SS15

00160h_426x639 (1) 00120h_426x639 (2) 00130h_426x639 (1)

Peter Som SS15

Texture Up. 

The last key trend for the upcoming season is texture. We’re expecting tactile layers upon tactile layers here – I’m talking Faux Fur, Suede, Leather, Mesh, Perforations, Lattice, Lace, Fringing and the list goes on. Fur in particular may not have been expected for Spring but this gives a playful kick to your wardrobe and makes you more or less festival ready for summertime, I’d say.

00010h_426x639 (1) 00280h_426x639 00090h_426x639 (1)

Oscar de la Renta SS15

00250h_426x639 00090h_426x639 (2) 00370h_426x639

Proenza Schouler SS15

00040h_592x888 00340h_592x888 00110h_592x888

Rodarte SS15

So there you have it, my lil breakdown of the key trends to watch this Spring. What am I most excited for? I guess the stripes, monochrome, splashes of canary yellow and fringing are real stand outs for me, it’s easy to keep minimalist but still managing to stay in the present. I try not to buy over flamboyant pieces and stick to key items which will pair well with the rest of my wardrobe. Happy shopping.

Style Snippet Vol.1

2015-02-07 16.28.39

Aysha Bhimji | 22 | Assistant Property Surveyor

I’ve known my girl Aysha for 3 years now, we’ve remained close friends since meeting at University in our second year where we bonded over both our love of pulling all nighters and for bed ridden weekends of film marathons. Aysha’s style has always been one that I’ve admired, always managing to combine effortlessly cool with totally polished- something I’ve never quite mastered due to my messy afro mop and slightly more tomboyish ways. So for the above reasons, Aysha is the first feature of what I’m calling a ‘style snippet’ to give you a glimpse of her wardrobe and personal style with some insight into how she puts outfits together and what her favourite items are of right now.

Weekday Work

2015-02-07 16.08.50

2015-02-07 16.10.03

Coat: Topshop | Boots: Zara | Bag: Osprey, London | Top & Skirt: American Apparel 

Favourite designers/places to shop? 
For work, probably, Zara. Recently I’ve been really favouring American Apparel as well, but I do think there’s only so much you can buy from there because it’s all very similar. Their styles do not really change but it’s great for basics as it’s all so simplistic which is what I love. It’s hard to think, I actually don’t think there’s that many great shops that stand out to me right now. I used to shop on ASOS a lot but now the site is way to big and there is too much choice.


2015-02-07 16.29.44

2015-02-07 16.27.19

 Jacket: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | T-Shirt: Zara | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Boots: Dr.Martens 

What do you find yourself incorporating into your day to day look?
To be honest, these days I always stick with the same kind of outfits, so jeans and a t-shirt. I try not to go too fancy, just keep it simple and something I feel comfortable in. I like to pair ‘boyish’ items with something girly. I remember reading once in a magazine they said for every one girly thing you should wear it with two things boyish – but for me that can get a little tomboy like so, one on one is good. My friend, Emma, is one of the people who most influences my style for this reason – she’ll always wear really baggy jeans and a barely there crop top. I’ve stopped following lots of fashion accounts on Instagram now, I feel it’s important to understand what works for others may not work for you, so it’s best to avoid copying and wear what you feel comfortable in.

Favourite item right now?
This new pair of jeans I got from Topshop, they’re ripped down the front and fit really well – not too high-waisted and just sit on my midriff. I have such a problem with jeans – because I’m so short – I usually find that with Topshop Petite Jeans they can sometimes be like ankle bashers, making you look shorter than you are but feel like I found a great pair in these.


2015-02-07 16.42.14

2015-02-07 16.42.35Top: Ann Summers | Skirt: Zara Trf | Shoes: Office | Bag: Tkmaxx

What’s your preference in what to wear on a night out? 
I have this thing, I go through transitions in what I like to wear. The outfit we shot just now, I really like that because it’s sexy but understated – the fact it hangs loosely just avoids it looking too tartish. What I don’t like are the tight little numbers and tiny crop tops, that’s something I’m trying to get away from as I don’t think that’s stylish at all.

I used to be very much into my heels as I was always very conscious of my height but now I’m really loving flats. I love my Dr.Martens and have recently been thinking about Timberlands but feel they may be too clumpy. The maroon buckle heels I have on in this shoot are great but now I really try to stick to black. I really enjoy wearing black and white as it’s so easy to pull outfits together and get away with wearing repeat things on repeat!

H&M Collabs & Design Awards

I love when two greats come together, like when Pizza Express jumped on the 241 bandwagon with Orange, Idris Elba doing a cameo in the US Office, Sweet AND Salty popcorn, well Sweet and Salty anything really. But H&M really got it right with their collaboration with Alexander Wang, the perfect combination of sultry tones and sporty chic – and they threw in a coord. I applaud you H&M. 

Wang-HM-34-99-sweatshirt-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360 Wang-HM-29-99-crop-t-shirt-2-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360

Wang-HM-24-99-crop-top-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360 Wang-HM-34-99-skirt-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360

Another interesting side project of H&M is their Design Award which is an annual event in it’s fourth year, they give students at selected design schools around the world the opportunity to produce a collection and showcase their talent to a panel of judges, springboarding their career into fashion. The winner takes home 50000 Euros and their collection is awarded a place in Stockholm Fashion Week. There was some insane looks this year, I’m all about oversized clothes and boyfriend fit so there were some real stand outs for me, I loved Andrea Jiapei Li and Ximon Lee’s Collections. Here’s a glimpse of the final 8’s collections, see more at the website here.

55 112

  Leonard Kocic – Xinom Lee

18 23

James Kelly – Andrea Jiapei Li

42 12

Graham Fan – Andreas Eklöf

114 1

Fiona O’Neil – Magdelena Brozda

Over The Knee Boots





In the past, tall boots have never been my thing. I felt that they looked out-dated, frumpy and that people only really wore them when they dressing up as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman (who, for those of you haven’t seen it, played a prostitute). But now I just can’t get enough! Worn with dark jeans and an oversized winter knitwear these look gorgeous. Or paired with a boyfriend denim shirt looks effortlessly cool. As done by Kylie Jenner, who I have to say is dressing impeccably these days. From top to bottom: ASOS £55,  Acnee Studios £855, Topshop £89, Aldo £120.

Top Coat Picks 2014

1255220812_1_1_162U76GBLK_large4070226706_2_1_1 07D01FCAM_large1822827093_1_1_1 07X05FBLK_large 07X05FCAM_large  4070226706_1_1_1

I love nude palletes this winter, camel & greys being my absolute favourite. The weather has just turned and I am in crazy need for a new coat. I work full time so the majority of my wear out of it will be paired with office clothes, so I’m looking for something smart but is still on trend. When I was younger I used to believe coats ruined every outfit but now I love them, they can be such a statement and speaks volumes about your personality. There is truly a coat for every occasion so I couldn’t care less if I buy a new coat each year and end up with a wardrobe full of them, I look forward to them every single summer.