SS15 Trends


New York Fashion week is currently at the forefront of every Google search and magazine headline right now and I’m writhing with jealously, as of late, in admiration of the collections and A-List appearances. It’s seen some firsts, such as Jamie Brewer’s participation in Carrie Hammer’s ‘Role Models not Runway Models’ campaign, making her the first lady with Down Syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week. Which is an incredible step forward for the fashion world. In other news, Kanye West’s show with Adidas saw the most star studded front row so far with Alexander Wang, Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour. Impressive.

But, the clothes. What are the trends which are making the most noise on the runway for SS15?

The 70’s.

The 70’s are back people. It’s a style I have shyed away from as I think my afro hairstyle just takes the trend to a new level, you want it to look chic and not like a flashback from Saturday Night Fever. The runway has seen many a flared and fluted trouser for this years Spring Collection, in particular from Karen Walker, Diane von Furstenburg and Coach.

00150h_426x639 00210h_426x639 00330h_426x639

 Karen Walker SS15

00180h_426x639 00270h_426x639 00310h_426x639

Diane von Furstenburg SS15

Coach_012_2000_426x639 Coach_014_2000_426x639 Coach_021_2000_426x639

Coach SS15

Shirts and Shirt Dresses.

The simplistic white shirt has returned, I am so happy to announce this. Not only does this mean minimalist fashion is in it also means more choice for work attire, which at the moment is proving a struggle. So the shirt is back in all shapes and sizes, to be worn boxy, sleeveless or underneath dresses. I love this arrival, particularly the shirt dresses.

00040h_426x639 00270h_426x639 (1) 00130h_426x639

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS15

00450h_426x639 00160h_426x639 00520h_426x639

Michael Kors SS15 

00120h_426x639 00180h_426x639 (1) 00150h_426x639 (1)

Diane von Furstenburg SS15


Here is a style I was not expecting and one that frankly reminds me of either my primary school uniform or Dolly Parton. Essentially, it has arrived from nowhere but has wowed the industry and you can expect to see it everywhere in SS15 and is incredibly popular across collections right now. Cutouts, harsh lines and colour blocking give it a modern twist on the country girl chic you’re picturing or to add sex appeal there are more sheer fabrics to choose from.

00080h_426x639 00070h_426x639 00090h_426x639

Altuzurra SS15 

00010h_426x639 00060h_426x639 00080h_426x639 (1)

Diane von Furstenburg

00050h_426x639 00040h_426x639 (1) 00020h_426x639

Lela Rose SS15

The Colour Palette.

So the colour palette game this year is strong. It’s all about being bold and making a statement. Monochrome as ever, is a popular colour pairing, one that is loved by just about everyone, particularly me. Aside from the wonders of black and white, designers were indulging in their Reds, Greens, Blues and Yellows for this Spring, in colour blocking and in statement prints. Pair a splash of any of these colours with all white and you’re on point for this Spring.

00330h_426x639 (1) 00200h_426x639_1 00350h_426x639

3.1 Phillip Lim SS15

00270h_426x639 (2) 00220h_426x639 00320h_426x639

Victoria Beckham SS15

 00070h_426x639 (1) 00550h_426x639 00120h_426x639 (1)

Michael Kors SS15


Stripes dominated the runway this year and I’m so happy to see my childhood favourite come flying into 2015, who cares if the horizontal stripes mythologically make you look ‘larger’, this is all I want to be wearing in Spring. Multi-coloured, black and white, vertical, squared, stripes on stripes – anyway you put it, it works.

00170h_426x639 00050h_426x639 (1) 00180h_426x639 (2)

Victoria Beckham SS15

00400h_426x639 00380h_426x639 00020h_426x639 (1)

Alexander Wang SS15

00160h_426x639 (1) 00120h_426x639 (2) 00130h_426x639 (1)

Peter Som SS15

Texture Up. 

The last key trend for the upcoming season is texture. We’re expecting tactile layers upon tactile layers here – I’m talking Faux Fur, Suede, Leather, Mesh, Perforations, Lattice, Lace, Fringing and the list goes on. Fur in particular may not have been expected for Spring but this gives a playful kick to your wardrobe and makes you more or less festival ready for summertime, I’d say.

00010h_426x639 (1) 00280h_426x639 00090h_426x639 (1)

Oscar de la Renta SS15

00250h_426x639 00090h_426x639 (2) 00370h_426x639

Proenza Schouler SS15

00040h_592x888 00340h_592x888 00110h_592x888

Rodarte SS15

So there you have it, my lil breakdown of the key trends to watch this Spring. What am I most excited for? I guess the stripes, monochrome, splashes of canary yellow and fringing are real stand outs for me, it’s easy to keep minimalist but still managing to stay in the present. I try not to buy over flamboyant pieces and stick to key items which will pair well with the rest of my wardrobe. Happy shopping.


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