H&M Collabs & Design Awards

I love when two greats come together, like when Pizza Express jumped on the 241 bandwagon with Orange, Idris Elba doing a cameo in the US Office, Sweet AND Salty popcorn, well Sweet and Salty anything really. But H&M really got it right with their collaboration with Alexander Wang, the perfect combination of sultry tones and sporty chic – and they threw in a coord. I applaud you H&M. 

Wang-HM-34-99-sweatshirt-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360 Wang-HM-29-99-crop-t-shirt-2-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360

Wang-HM-24-99-crop-top-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360 Wang-HM-34-99-skirt-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_240x360

Another interesting side project of H&M is their Design Award which is an annual event in it’s fourth year, they give students at selected design schools around the world the opportunity to produce a collection and showcase their talent to a panel of judges, springboarding their career into fashion. The winner takes home 50000 Euros and their collection is awarded a place in Stockholm Fashion Week. There was some insane looks this year, I’m all about oversized clothes and boyfriend fit so there were some real stand outs for me, I loved Andrea Jiapei Li and Ximon Lee’s Collections. Here’s a glimpse of the final 8’s collections, see more at the website here.

55 112

  Leonard Kocic – Xinom Lee

18 23

James Kelly – Andrea Jiapei Li

42 12

Graham Fan – Andreas Eklöf

114 1

Fiona O’Neil – Magdelena Brozda


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